Crushed Concrete

Haulaway specialises in this product and over the years has invested greatly in its technology to produce a product that falls within the WRAP Protocol. This Product can be tailored to a clients particular needs and project specifications. Most commonly used for roads, paths and site construction this product is normally dispatched either in sizes 75mm down or 40mm down. Our crushed concrete is 100% recycled material and is in more and more demand by both private corporations and the public sector to improve recycling needs within the construction ethos and in relation to the use of totally environmental products on sites.

Brickyard Hardcore

Brickyard hardcore consists of different size bricks and is normally oversized in its makeup. It is suitable for use in construction projects whether it be for raising levels on a site, an installation of a soakaway or for temporary parking.

Topsoil & Screened Soil

Produced to BS 3882 standards this grade of Topsoil has the capacity to be suitable for good quality agriculture, amenity horticulture and landscape sites supporting crops, grass, trees, shrubs and other planting. A plant utilises the Topsoil for the growth of their root system. When you consider that Topsoil is only the topmost layer of dirt, around 2½-7 inches of the uppermost soil, it is not much area in which to derive all your nutrients and water from. This is why the quality, content, and water retention of our Topsoil is so important.

Our screened soil is 20mm and down and is ideal for using under turf and in landscaping projects.

Road Planings

Road planings are produced when the surface layer of an existing highway or footpath is removed in order to be resurfaced. The old surface layer is then recycled and used as an aggregate known as road planings or crushed tarmac. Due to the way this product is produced, at source, the size is normally 50mm down consisting of fines.

All products listed can be delivered either by Tipper, Grab Hire or Skip Vehicles, giving Haulaway a unique way of supplying recycled materials to both the private construction and public sectors.

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Halving waste to landifll
Halving waste to landifll
Halving waste to landifll
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